Güvenen Management (GM) offers corporate companies to assist in setting up their new corporation  or optimizing the operations of existing local organizations in Turkey and around.

GM realize that every new co anticipates a period of some months of operations before its staff and processes are optimized and competitive. This setup period can be minimized. Setting up a new co is different from managing an existing one and calls for different set of skills.

GM offers to refer a professional executive to manage new co setup project. GM will plan, manage and execute the new co startup project while substantially shortening the general time of project and deliver an operating newco to manage. This service includes: commercial planning, recruiting staff, trainings, establishing service standards and managerial procedures.

Using GM for setting up newco is efficient, professional, cost-effective and saves money and time. This option is suitable for any size of newco’s and is provided with their profitability in mind.


... for a short or long while

GM has implemented its managerial skills and capability in order to develop a methodology dedicated to improve SME's management.

Endeavour identifies management and management capacity as the main problem in the SME's and tackle this problem with a set of coaching, consulting and managerial practices.


GM's experienced team is dedicated to finding solutions that increase your local sales in Turkey and around.


GM enables high performance for your’ business operations through outsourcing management.

Our experience in local market helps to find efficient partners to outsource production or services.